What to see on the island Fur – a naturelover’s guide

There is nothing like the first days of spring. Longer days and milder temperatures really makes me want to go outdoor. I spent four wonderful spring days on the beautiful island Fur in northern Jutland. This danish island is made of layers of volcanic ash and mo-clay making the landscape very distinctive. Along the north coast and in the many clay pits the layers are clearly visible making the stranges and most beautiful formations.

The north part of the island is small enough to explore on foot and there are several beautiful trails to follow. I used this map from Naturstyrelsen to pinpoint the sights.

Along the west coast of the island Fur

island furisland fur

The steep and layered north coast

island Fur island Furisland furThe last evening light glowing red at Store Knudshoved

island furBeing a tree is tough at the island Fur

island FurLille Knudshoved

island FurThe view from the top of Lille Knudshoved. A great place to eat your lunch!

One frosty morning

island furisland fur

The mo-clay pits

Though they are man-made the clay pits on Fur is just as beautiful as the coastline. Digging for the mo-clay (sold as cat-litter) has left strange rocks with beautiful layers and shapes.

island Fur  An odd but beautiful rock called Bispehuen.

island Fur island Fur

island furUnder the stars

island fur This is the little cabin I stayed in at Fur Camping during my trip to the island Fur.







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