About me

Welcome to SarahintheGreen – a travel blog created out of my love for photography, nature and travelling.

It all started on Instagram in 2014 after my trip to Greenland, when I hashtagged a photo for the first time and became deeply amazed at the 8 likes it received. A whole new Instagram world opened itself up, filled with inspiring images, destinations and people. In 2017, this web-based blog joined in.

As the blog’s name implies, I’m focused on nature destinations. Occasionally I also blog about cities if they are good starting points for venturing out into nature. When I travel, I travel for the tranquility and adventure of wild nature. This form of travel is the ultimate contrast to my city life in Copenhagen. I am drawn to rocky shores, steep mountains and clear blue lakes. Deserts, volcanoes and wild animals.

But it’s not so easy to discover new destinations and plan trips when most travel companies and tour guides only focus on cities. Here I post my photos and write travel guides from my travels. My hope is that others will find inspiration and the courage to try something other than the usual holiday destinations.

The blog doesn’t necessarily target hardcore outdoorsy people who are used to sleeping in tents and hiking many kilometers with backpacks. I don’t know enough about that life. Instead I address other city people like me, who want to experience nature without necessarily compromising comfort. If you love nature, this is the place for you.