Hallands Väderö – razorbills, seals and swedish archipelago


Hallands Väderö is (despite of its name) a small island on the west coast of Skåne. The size of the island is just 3 square kilometers, so it only takes a few hours to walk around the island and experience the many beautiful sceneries.

The whole island is a nature reserve with archipelago, sandy beaches and a very old beech forest. The island is also home to hundreds of plants, flowers and animal species  e.g. lots of sea birds like  murres, razorbills and guillemots. On the island you can also find one of the largest colonies of spotted seals in Sweden.

I was super excited about the prospect of getting close to the wild seals with my telezoom! But I knew there would also be many beautiful landscapes to photograph. This is one of the great dilemmas I always have on my trips! I usually switch between my zoom lens and my wide angle lens along the way, but this is way too slow (the animals are long gone before I have been able to change the lens!)

On this trip I therefore became the silly person with the two cameras. My usual Canon 70D with a zoom lens and my new Nikon 5600 with a wide-angle lens. Armed and ready!

Sverige Väderö - sæler alkefugle og skærgård  Halland Väderös beautiful archipelago with the many sea birds

The chubby seals on Hallands Väderö

Instead of sailing directly to the island, we sailed to the archipelago on the west side, where the many sea birds nest on the cliffs. It is also here you will find one of the largest colonies of seals in Sweden.

We sailed quietly between the cliffs and soon spotted more than 160 seals chilling on the rocks. It was so amusing to look at the seals with their many varied colors, sizes and expressions. Some were dark and slim. Others bright and chubby!

It was the first time I have managed to get so close to so many wild seals, so it was just an extraodinary experience.

Walking to the lighthouse on Hallands Väderö

We walked from the sandy beach by the harbor through the beech forest and along the coast to the Väderö lighthouse. Along the way we spotted birds in the trees and mountain hares under the windswept bushes.

sverige vâderö I just adore these fluffy plants called cotton grass. They remind me of artic landscapes

The lighthouse at Hallands Väderö

Practical information

Hallands Väderö is a two-hour drive from Copenhagen. The ferry sails from the small fishing village Torekov and takes 20 minutes. Plan at least two hours to explore the island. The seal safari is every Sunday in summer and fall.

Find the ferry departures here  (in swedish)

It is also possible to stay on the island – find accommodations here (in swedish)

The ideal travel camera

All photos (except the ones with animals) are taken with my new Nikon 5600. And I must say that this little camera performed very well. Its biggest advantage is its small size and weight (450 g). It was super handy to bring along as an extra camera, and I would definitely consider taking it with me on backpacking trips in the future. When backapacking weight is everything!

At the same time it has all the manual features that I need. Even with long exposures and animal shots, I am impressed with the image quality. With the BridgeSnap app, photos are automatically transferred to your smartphone, which is also incredibly smart while on the go.

This makes the camera absolutely ideal as travel camera. It has all the features expected from a mid-range camera. The only drawback I can think of is the lack of weather-sealing. And then of course it is still a crop camera and not the pro full frame camera I am dreaming of. But for beginners and serious amateurs the Nikon 5600 is everything you need – without empting your bank account.

  • 24 mp APS-C image sensor
  • 39 focus points
  • 5 frames per second
  • Price: about 750 EUR

The camera was kindly sponsored by Nikon in connection with the Randers Rainforest workshop











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